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Bronze Show
Scott John is available for the Bronze package. As your guests enter the venue and begin to settle, he will walk from table to table to entertain them. He believes it is important to involve your guests in the magic (but never humiliate or embarrass them). Impossible feats involving rope, playing cards, telepathy, telekinesis and of course sponge balls and elastic bands are just some of the effects you can expect. You can also expect some "shocks" here and there and the vanishing of some of your borrowed valuables.
**Disclaimer: we cannot accept responsibility for the permanent disappearance of your valuables or their subsequent appearance on eBay auctions**

Silver Show
This package contains everything from the Bronze with one important addition. The Scott John - Magician stage show. You can expect the production of impossible objects from impossible locations, the minds of audience members read, an impossible card trick that the audience can see, an incredible feat of memory, an indoor snow storm and unlike the other cliche magicians who escape from straight jackets etc. Scott John, without any fear for his own safety will attempt to escape from his own jacket. These are just some of the effects you can expect to see as part of the stage show which is, without doubt, a very good reason to choose the memorable Silver Package.

Gold Show
Available from mid-2016, the Gold package contains everything from the Bronze and Silver with yet one more unique addition - the Medicine Show.

Medicine Shows (sometimes called Side Shows) employed the use of magic and sharp practice to "separate suckers from their cash". They were most often a vehicle to sell quack medicine and snake oil to poor unsuspecting spectators and of course, an excuse to work other scams. It was actually a Banker by the name of David Hannum who said "There's a sucker born every minute"; a quote wrongly attributed to the famous American showmen P.T Barnum. But what Barnum did say was "Every crowd has a silver lining". So, you can expect to have scams and deceptions presented and explained in addition to some Parlor Magic.

Parlor magic is neither close-up nor stage magic but rather something in between. Plenty of audience participation, plenty of laughs, much sleight of hand and mis-direction combine to create a show where smaller groups can gather round and be part of an almost extinct form of showmanship. Please bring your wallet and in the interests of equality, your purse and prepare to be scammed! (And then have most the scams explained to you).
**Disclaimer: we cannot be held responsible for any dishonesty, theft, confidence trickery or general skullduggery which may result in the separation of you and your hard earned cash, OR our subsequent acquisition of a new 52" flat screen smart TV**